patient information

Post-Operative Instructions

  1. HEALING: Do not disturb the wound by touching it with fingers, toothpick or tongue. The blood clot which forms over the area is nature's method of healing and should not be disturbed.

  2. BLEEDING: Keep gauze under pressure for half hour intervals. Change gauze at this interval for approximately 3-5 hours until bleeding subsides. If bleeding persists heavily after 5 hours use a moistened tea bag. Apply the tea bag over the bleeding site utilizing gauze over the bag so the teeth don't bite through the bag. Keep this under pressure for 30 minute intervals for about 2 hours. Change the tea bag every 30 minutes. Very slight bleeding will be noticed as streaks of blood in your saliva for 1-2 days. If this is troublesome, place fresh gauze over the area and bite steadily on the compress. For maximum effect, keep the compress under biting pressure for 1 hour. Rest when you do this. If bleeding is excessive, call now.

  3. DIET: Liquids today or as directed by your doctor. Do not use straws. Eat frequently in increased amounts. Eat a soft diet starting tomorrow and progress to a regular diet as tolerated. Do not utilize milk products the first 24 hours (upset stomach may occur).

  4. RINSING: Clean your mouth beginning tomorrow; use plain water. Do not swish water around after or during brushing. Simply take the water in and let it run out passively. Clean immediately after eating. Your Doctor may recommend use of salt water rinses.

  5. PAIN: Expect some pain in the form of soreness around the operated area. This usually lasts a few days. Take medication exactly as directed. Do not change dose or frequency of medication unless directed by your doctor. Report promptly any reaction or upset that seems to come from taking your medication. At the time of such an occurrence, cease all medication.

  6. SWELLING: Expect some swelling for about 3 days; this is expected and normal. Decrease in swelling begins after the 4th day. Mild skin bruising may accompany this. Increased swelling on the fifth day means trouble - Call Immediately. Up to three months post removal of wisdom teeth swelling can occur. This presents with immediate swelling and the socket usually closes prematurely requiring a simple office visit to open the socket- so, please call immediately if this occurs.

  7. HYGIENE: Resume brushing your teeth 24 hours after surgery.

    1. USE OF COLD: Begin as soon as possible after surgery. Place an ice bag over the area nearest the surgery. Keep in place continuously for 30 minutes; alternate like this for the first day and possibly the second day.

    2. USE OF HEAT: If an infection is present, heat is preferred. Use a warm, moist compress over swollen area. Be careful not to burn the tissue with compresses that are too hot. Do not use dry heat (ex: heating pad). Also use warm salt water rinses and hold the water over the area for a while before spitting it out. Gently swish salt water rinse- no aggressive gargling.

  8. NO SMOKING: This delays healing and may result in severe pain.

  9. PLEASE feel free to call us at any time should questions or problems arise pertaining to your surgery.

  10. DRIVING: No driving allowed for 24 hours after general anesthesia.