Dr. David Felgenhauer

Procedures Include

Dental Extractions including Wisdom Teeth
Including wisdom teeth

Dental Implants
Replacing missing teeth by utilizing metallic dental implants

Pre-Prosthetic Surgery
Preparing the jaw to receive new dentures by adding bone or by repositioning gum tissue

Oral Pathology
Diagnosing and treating tumors and other diseases of the mouth

General Anesthesia
Increase comfort and control of anxiety with administration of sedative drugs and careful monitoring to assure patient's safety

Root Canal Surgery
Removing root tip on teeth which have had previous root canal treatment

Laser Assisted Surgery
Removal of mucosal and skin lesions, pre-prosthetic gingival recontouring, tongue tie and frenum release

Treating injuries of the facial bones and/or teeth

Orthognathic Surgery
Making the jaws larger or smaller in conjunction with an orthodontist to allow for improved function

Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ)
Diagnosing and treating the displaced jaw joint disc (slipped disc) and/or muscle spasms in the area of the jaw joint